I love brain soup

12/03/2015 06:40:00 PM

OK before you think or start to judge me #dontjudgeme .  Let me explain. Its goats brain.  I don't really know why i like it so much. i think its the taste.  It has a unique soft texture ( obviously ) like tau huay (bean curd) .  There is a acquired taste quite hard for me to explain but it almost taste like bone marrow .  If you never had goat legs bone marrow i done really know how to further explain but you know its not meat.  You won't even taste the blood cause there is no blood at all.  Its all white. 

Frankly i don't really have a lot of friends that like it as much as me .  Most people normally order ribs, or just the meaty parts and those slightly adventurous would go for the tongue or tripe .  I know there are those who eat pig brains and if you are one of those people i think the taste would be quite similar .

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