Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing Games is ruining my life........

I love playing games and i do want to blog as well but i never forget to play games but i always forget to blog.  Maybe it is just easier. Ha.

So i have finish playing Far cry  3 and now i am playing Assassins creed 2 . Yeah i know its and old game but i missed it when it came out and i am not going to play Assassin creed 3 until i finish .  Yeah i been reading a few reviews about the game and i agree that the new controls sucks but the game and story is awesome.  Sometimes i wonder why killing games intrigues us .  Yeah it is scary to know that deep inside we all just love to kill each other with no regard to human life.

That has been an issue in some country but my opinion to this is that the game does not make us violent or aggressive or made me have the compulsion to kill.  I think it does help to subside to kill.

Sometime i get home from work and lets say i had a bad day, the traffic is even worse and my 20 minutes drove home became one and a half hours later than usual because i need to stop at the nearest supermarket to get some home supplies, pump petrol, and pay the bills. By the time i reach home i get a phone call about a project and that the dateline is tomorrow.  Stress to the max i am about to flip out. So all i can do is take a bath have a quick dinner and finish my project for work.

So what do i do next. You see at this minute i am still stressed out and i find it hard to sleep so i turn on my game console and start killing people, animals , blow up cars and what not. And i do find that my stress level go down.  I do not advise playing puzzle games because some puzzle games make us more irritated because no matter how good we think we are we are all a bunch of morons and playing angry bird made me more angry if i am like stuck in a stage for like a thousand times .

So i guess i will never stop playing . SO play hard or die playing.
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