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11/23/2015 07:22:00 PM

So i did miss a few days not because i was lazy but because i cant get around to do the things that i want to do .   Went to have a look at some of my old email addresses.  OMG there was one that had about 82 THOUSAND emails. i took a look at some forgotten projects maybe i could get some cash flowing there.

Yeah multiple streams of income,  Isn't it a dream to have the possibility of not needing to go to work and get paid a steady income of money.   But back to reality,  i know that is totally possible but still a whole lot of hard work and dedication has to be put into it .

I decided that i will not be monetizing this blog but i got plans for my other blogs. Everything is so much easier now with a working computer.  I just love my Macbook Pro.  Thanks Adrian you never knew what this means to me now. Feels so fluid makes me feel more productive.

So let me think about what i missed to write about the last few days .  OK i played Fallout 4 the whole Sunday.  Well technically Sunday is my only off day. I love my job but i simply hate working a six day week but oh well a man got to do what a man gotta do i guess.

Still Playing Destiny the game with friends is just so fun.  Iron banner and Osiris the amount of t bagging kids here is unbelievable.  Thinking about maybe playing Call of Duty.  Got to practise some purchasing restrain.  Since i can just buy games online is just so hard not to .

Made some headers for my youtube channel.  But it seem too big . Fits nicely on my Google plus page though. I got so many things going on my mind i just dont have the time to let it out now.  I believe in due time i will be able to find the the right pace to do all that i need to do and succeed.  YES i will succeed < -- self affirmation  


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