Smells like the third day. way to go blogger

11/17/2015 07:00:00 PM

So yesterday i survive day 2 of my daily blog writing program, or i should call it my new blogger lifestyle.  I manage to get most of my pictures from my mobile phone that is dying for space, saved on google photos.  I manage to load them to Google plus so i can paste it to this blog.  That means i don't have to download the pictures to my laptop just to upload them again to my blog.  It seems for some security reason i cant upload picture straight from photos to blogger, or maybe there is a way but i am just to dumb to find it .

So heres the thing, my mind is thinking faster than i can type.  I got so many things to say but clearly sometimes i might not make sense so forgive me.  Biggest regret for me yesterday was that i slept super late like about 4 am in the morning and had to go to work at 8am.  Actually i was suppose to start work at 8am but that is the time i woke up.  Luckily i got one of the best boss ever.  As long as i get my job done he been more than understanding towards my not punctual attitude. ( thank God )

After work i had quick early dinner before going home to my beautiful wife.  Ate at a place called Singa Goody.  I was just Curious . I have never had Herbal Chicken in my life.  I pass this place a few times in the last few months before deciding that yesterday would be the day i try.  Just to make sure nobody died after eating there. Just joking.  But i had to think about it first.  Its like ten dollars for half a chicken and i might hate the taste.

So here is what i think about it.  It has a weird taste,  slightly sour with a bitter end.  Not sweet at all. I dont know what herbs was in it but there were slices of roots, might be ginseng might not be who knows i cant really tell.  Rice was a let down .  The rice was short and dry.  Must be some cheap brand but they charge one dollar for it .  The chicken was soft and dry as well.  I dont think it is really that fresh.  Maybe its boiled too long, But i feel it has been pre packed from main kitchen left in freezer too long brought out when ordered chucked in a microwave and served.  Yeah it taste like instant food because the chicken was breaking off from the bones but when u bite on the meat it is just dry.  Maybe next time i will try something else. Or avoid it altogether .

OK thats it for today,  hmmm not bad . i survived day three.  Now to go upload pictures and play Fallout 4 .  Note: i will try not to sleep late today


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