Day 2 keep the ball rolling

11/16/2015 09:55:00 PM

Day two is always important in any project or quest and for me day two is this very blog.   consistency is key and if i quit or procrastinate by saying later then i am very sure i will get nothing done. so here i am thinking what in the bloody hell am i going to talk about or blog about.

There are a few thing i really wish to get done . Somehow i manage to sync some pictures to google picture app from my phone, here come the that baffles me it only download all the pictures you don't want. So let me try uploading some pictures here. See what happens.

So apparently i cant link directly from my google photos .  I have to either download it to my computer or share the picture on facebook or google plus.  I think i will go with google plus on this one. From there i can just copy paste or drag and paste .

After taking about more than one hour to write this post and all the distraction in life i finally think thats it for today. Going off to play Fallout 4.  I work hard so now its time to play hard.

thank you for reading see u all tomorrow


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