So a little bit about me, lovesuperkarma

11/18/2015 08:37:00 PM

A few years ago i cant even start to even explain who i am.   My name is Lovesuperkarma,  not my native name but a name my friends know me by now.  There was a time when i used to have alot of friends .  A lot of enemies too.  A lot of things that i do seems stupid to me now.  But that is what made me who i am now.

I choose to live with no regrets.
I choose to take responsibility towards my actions
I choose for nature take its course

So am i Afraid, Yes all the time
So am i Rich, it will never be enough
So am i smart , I will never stop learning.

What does this mean,
it means i am just like you and always evolving
always changing my mind. But we all have a dream.
no matter how different it somehow is just the same.
Your dream and my dream is just the same. So does that make it our dream. NO

one cant even begin to live life without even thinking about death but its not a destination.
So is it an escape?  So what does all this have to do with me ?  EVERYTHING

i am a human being just like you with almost similar dreams and expectation in life.  i might have a different skin color, race, religion, parents, friends country but that does not make me any different from you.

MY mind is constantly thinking about new things ,  every second and every ticking minute.

So that me a million in one and one in a million.  i am everyone I've met , known, seen and heard.


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