Let me start from scratch

11/15/2015 05:40:00 PM

A few years ago,  i used to blog quite alot. But then my computer started acting up. It became miserably slow,  to a point i felt that it is almost impossible to work.  So i gave up.  I started to get involved with other thing like creating or designing website for friends until my computer could not take it anymore. One day it just would not start.  end of story

The last blog i posted was about how playing games was ruining my life.  

One of the few excuses i have for not blogging is that i grew lazy.   I wanted to write something but my Brain is somehow always thinking of a gazillion thing at the same time i sometimes lose track on WTF i am writing.  SO today i decided to delete all my previous post and start fresh.

 First what i did was delete all my old post
Second, I got myself a new clutter free template from Template Created By ThemeXpose | DistributeBy Gooyaabi Templates . All Rights Reserved.
Third i got myself a new header

Forth is this post , my first post after a 2 year hiatus

eventually i will have everything up with links to my facebook, twitter and instagram. hopefully.

Anyway i still play games and currently still playing destiny and Need for speed on Playstation 4. Maybe i will buy fallout today 

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